Mercedes Cardona is a veteran print/digital journalist looking for new challenges. Her extensive experience includes work for Advertising Age, The Associated Press and The Economist Group.

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Advertisingweek2014e1 300x237 article

Art and automation | The Economist Group's Lean back blog

New York's Advertising Week debates creativity in marketing

The Huffington Post

10 Websites to Help Teach Kids about Money

If you want to raise a money-savvy child in the 21st century, there are plenty of commercial, government and non-profit websites out there to help.

Burgerfidelray ext2014promo article
Nation's Restaurant News

2014 Next 20: BurgerFi

Fast-casual chain touts scratch-made items to stand out in competitive segment...

1402918379871 article

Ad Fraud: Are Your Digital Dollars Going Down The Drain?

Videos that no one sees. Display ads that target shoppers post-purchase. Clicks made by adbots that cost you each time. By next year, an estimated $10 billion in ad spending could be wasted in the U.S. alone. But fraud is only part of the problem....

Smwpersonal1 300x158 article

Algorithms rule, but it's OK

Personalization has changed the rules of the media game...

Smw20161 300x188 article

All stages are not equal

Transparency, authenticity and quality in native ads, from Social Media Week...

1356020026950 article

A New Era For Experiential Marketing

Mobile, social media, and a more empowered consumer are leading marketers to develop plans that give consumers the proverbial 360-degree product experience they can’t get from traditional media alone. And that’s putting marketers a step closer to the Holy Grail of relationship building....


Baby Boomers Are No Longer Luxury Retailing's Future

The Great Recession took lot of wealth out of baby boomer pockets, probably for good. That means luxury merchants will have to set their sights on a new demographic for growth in coming years. That group will most likely be the millennials, 25- to 34-year-olds.

1415622637211 article

Baby Boomers Bounce Back

Once the darlings of the marketing game, Baby Boomers’ star faded over the past decade as marketers shifted their attention to the Millennial cohort. But now “the demographics have tilted,” experts say, and marketers are starting to realize that writing off this generation is not good business....

The Huffington Post


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Byrne200 article

CEO's Corner:'s Patrick Byrne on Expansion, Sales Tax, More - DailyFinance CEO Patrick Byrne discusses the company, as well as his views on state sales taxes, short selling and the economy....

1429726496048 article

“CMO Impact Study”: Yes, CMOs Drive Business Value

Proving marketing’s worth is a chief concern among chief marketers. Now, a groundbreaking survey makes clear that CMOs play a significant role in overall firm results—and that marketing, indeed, matters....

Johnpotter article

CMOment: Champagne for Millennials

Q&A with Jon Potter, CMO and EVP brands, Moet Hennessy USA...

Umbertoluchinicampari article

CMOment: Changing the rules

Q&A with Umberto Luchini, VP-Marketing, Campari America...

Pepijn rijvers21 240x300 article

CMOment: Cyber Monday special

Q&A with Pepjin Rijvers, CMO,